Birthday Reminder Pro+ App Reviews

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Very good but...

Very good gadget but missing the age in front of the date. 

Very usefull

Very usefull

Great app!

Great app, keeps me up to date with everyones bday. And you have the option to ask to be reminded about the bdays 3 days before the date so no excuse for not getting a gift

it works

transferring facebook birthdays works well, adding new birthdays works well and i get notifications, so that no birthday slips through. I would like to have some interface improvements such as better visibility of todays birthdays and a function to mark important birthdays and being alerted some time before so that there is enough time to think about a present.

Quiet good

The actualisation from the date has a Time-leg, the rest is good.

Bday calendar

Best way to remember b~days!

Okay, but very basic

Not bad. Very basic though for a paid app - there are many free options out there with more functionality. What I do like about this app is that you can add a birthday event for people not in your contacts, or that you dont want in your contacts. Here are some suggestions that I think could make this app much better (and worth a dollar): display the age of people whose birthdays have passed (right now it just says xs birthday was 2 days ago); add an option to email a card (with some templates); synch with calendar; and allow for the reminding of other date based events (e.g. Anniversaries, etc.).


I link this is a really good way to remember birthday


Simple app! Great reminder! Wish there was a spot for anniversaries

Does the job

Very basic app but serves its purpose an reminds of birthdays and ages

Birthday app

I find this to be a great app. It lets me remember special occasions which I would easily forget without it. A must have for people with busy schedules and a tendency to forget some of those special occasions.

This is an awesome app

Birthday reminder is a good way to remind me of upcoming birthdays.

Very handy tool

I havent missed a birthday since I got this app. Great idea and easy to use.

Think twice

Does not notify you before and day of a birthday like it says. The company email is invalid, so you cant get support. All you get is a list of birthdays.


Good for people like me who are very forgetful, I like the age minder as well, it would be nice if it did anniversaries to.

Want my money back

Does not synchronize with Facebook!! U have to enter date manually!! Are kidding me so 0 stars if I can

Birthday reminder pro+

Easy and good. Gives notifications.



Best app!

Very useful app!!!


Helps me to let people think, that I remember about their birthdays. Not that I congratulate them, but... Still sometimes I cant turn the notification off. But thats only one bug, thats why - 4

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